Here at Contour Building Group, we regard our customers’ satisfactions to be our highest priority. With that in mind, we offer a wide range of services that targets all of your renovation and construction needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re in need of a miniscule project done or something of a much larger scale, our services cater to all types of renovations.

Dual Occupancies
With the increase in popularity in dual occupancy homes, we make extreme efforts to stay ahead of the competition by providing you with custom dual occupancy renovations. Our experienced team of custom dual occupancy builders will go out of their way to provide you with nothing short of professional constructional standards. On top of that, we pay careful attention to remain within your local council’s regulations. If the inclusion of a swimming pool or a full-fledged gym is part of your desires, we have the confidence to execute and implement it with the most professional workmanship.

Our specialized team of townhouse builders are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. From the planning and design phase of your desired home, to the actual construction process, our Melbourne-based townhouse builders will certainly have it completed with fine polish. You can witness the progress of your townhouse through scheduled on-site inspections and the regular updates and reports that we will be providing you frequently. There will be nothing for you to fret or worry about when you work with us at Contour Building Group.

Bathroom Renovations
The ability to have all your plumbing and flooring needs taken care of will go a long way in minimizing the limitations of your desired bathroom design. Our Melbourne designers and construction experts will have all of your bathroom renovation needs taken care of, with the ultimate goal of constructing a bathroom that meets your expectations at the very least. We will commit to your design and budget to produce the most affordable bathroom renovations solutions possible. You can expect to finally realize the bathroom that you’ve always wanted.

Kitchen Renovations
The complexity that comes with kitchen renovations is no issue for our meticulous and innovative designers. There really is no kitchen design that’s too difficult for them to achieve. On top of that, you can be rest assured that the materials and equipment used to construct your desired kitchen is both durable and sustainable. Not to mention the fine workmanship that you’ll find upon the completion of your kitchen renovations project.

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